A Ladder Named Hope – Overcoming negativity with creativity

By Gary

We at Cortex want to help people tackle their own personal challenges through creativity and positivity. Struggling with things like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many other mental conditions doesn’t mean that you are condemned to a life of perpetual sadness, hopelessness, or potential self-destructive feelings. Whenever I have down days, I write – it can be a poem, a script idea, a blog post, anything – and I feel that gives me an outlet to clear my head of any thoughts that could drag me to somewhere I don’t want to go.

Where I find writing helps me, everyone has different skills and interests – perhaps you’re an artist, musician, photographer, or maybe an actor – and we want to motivate and support your creativity in a space where you feel you can be yourself, without judgement. This could be a way of you taking control and overcoming a personal hurdle.

I thought, to get the ball rolling, I’d share something of mine. This is a poem I wrote not terribly long ago. It’s my way of reminding myself that no matter how bad things may seem – and let’s be honest, they can look pretty bad at times – anyone can get through it. Sometimes it may look like no one understands what you’re going through, but just remember that there will always be those who – whether or not they fully understand – will be beside you no matter what and be on hand to pull you out of whatever hole you’ve fallen into. I’ve called it A Ladder Named Hope:

Sinking into quicksand,
No hope of escape.
The more you fight,
It seems more hopeless.

Trying to write comedy,
With a mindset of tragedy.
Trying to continue a story,
And not to put down that
Irreparable full stop.

A map of scars across the
Most delicate landscape,
The darkest caves gaping,
Pulling further into unwanted,
Uncharted territory.

Light at the end of the tunnel,
Tomorrow’s another day,
It’ll be fine,
Don’t worry,
They offer a hand,
But offer no grip.

But remember…

The battle isn’t hopeless,
The fight can be fair,
Allies will give their all
And the day can be won.

Get an umbrella for the
Rainy days, and wait
For the sun.


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