“Who knows?” – A question worth asking

By Gary

Not knowing where life is going can be pretty scary. Everyone has a dream future, and for some it may feel unattainable. Trust me, I know exactly how they feel. I love writing and acting, but I don’t have the confidence in myself to honestly see me reaching those goals. But, with tiny steps, and maybe some strokes of luck, I’ve been able to achieve some pretty cool things in the past couple of years, including acting on stage in a well-known theatre in Glasgow and seeing a script I wrote performed live.

These little victories boost confidence, and they should be cherished and placed above the failures.

I have family who have done really well for themselves in the entertainment industry, and, although I’m really proud and impressed by their achievements, my heart sinks when I think that I’ll never make it the way they have. But then I think “Why not? What’s to say I can’t?” Seeing the play I wrote performed and hearing the feedback about it has helped push me to continue writing and I intend to submit more of my work for consideration.

Who knows, maybe there’s someone out there who’ll like what I have to show. And it’s the “Who knows?” mentality that can get you places – don’t just write something off because you’ve decided it’s not good enough. Yes, rejection can be hard to take, but what’s life if not a combination of ups and downs?

Sometimes you just need to say to yourself “Who knows?” and then go out and find out. My version of “Who knows” is “Allons-y” – because I’m a big Doctor Who geek – but the sentiment is the same. Nothing is a write-off if you’ve never tried, and I mean REALLY tried. Live life asking “Who knows?” “What if…?” “Could I…?” and strive to find the answers – they may surprise you and take you somewhere amazing.


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