About Us

Cortex is here to explore mental health and give you a voice. We want you to get involved in any way you want. We are across all of social media, so join us and share your experiences.

You decide. You create. You share.



Our Mission



A platform for encouraging individuals affected by mental health issues to embrace creativity as a method of personal development.



Maintaining a presence across online platforms with the potential for further expansion. By being accessible on a wide spectrum of social media, it opens up the channels of creativity in order to allow individuals to share their personal experiences in a way that suits them.



Primarily, Cortex is aimed at those who may be directly affected by mental health issues and wish to share their own, or learn about other individual’s experiences.


However, it is also noted that there will be wider interest from parties indirectly affected by similar issues or those want to learn more. For example, carers, students, colleagues, or family and friends.



By creating a community that helps breed positivity through creativity and to offer an understanding of mental health issues in order to reduce stigma.

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