You’re on Suicide Watch… Kind Of

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has rolled out it’s tweaked algorithm to all of it’s users – and you can’t opt out. Facebook’s artificial intelligence will now look at your own posts and comments. If it spots a pattern, you will be brought to the attention of the support team who will connect you…

Childhood Neglect – Fascinating brain scans

Childhood neglect can have a shocking impact on brain development as the scans show.

Prof. Bruce D Parry from Texas Children’s Hospital noted that development of the brain in a neglected child is restricted. It is much smaller than a child who has not been neglected and also appears to waste away.

UK Bans Gender Stereotypes For Commercials

Women expected to do all the cleaning? Men unable to look after the kids? Boys liking football? Girls liking dolls? A bit of a cliche, and tough new advertising laws coming to the UK mean these stereotypes will be a thing of the past.