Memories & Stormy Seas

We're really thrilled that Emma-Jane has shared with us again. This time she is reflecting on others in her life and how toxic they turned out to be.


Ship In A Bottle

After reading the ladder of hope I was inspired to write this piece. 
people often have so much to give like the craftsman. Sometimes we open up to people and they criticise us and its hurts us. This can make us change our thinking and rush something that needs to be nurtured to grow into something beautiful. Like the craftsman we can stop doing something because our bottle is too fragile and we are afraid of being broken so our projects are left undone. Sometimes we rush a craft or project and its not as good as we know it can be. 
sometimes we go back to something like the craftsman and we fix it. This may lead to more criticism from people but if its something we are passionate about the only person we should be wanting to please is ourselves.
we are often met by our hopes and fears when we live out a dream or something we’re passionate about. Those can take the form or a challenge that those can strengthen our bottles and allow us to let our dream ships sail. 
 I have come across lots of projects that I had forgotten about and have felt the satisfaction of having see them finally finish. Some have taken weeks and others years and months to do.
 The message I would hope to show through this piece is that no matter what life throws at you or how fragile you may feel that you should believe in yourself and your dreams and try and make those ships happen not for others but for you!