Depression can affect your whole life, it is normally characterised as a low mood. However, as the low mood continues it can affect everyday life. As with many other mental health issues, depression finds itself on a sliding scale. For some it may be low motivation meaning daily activities seem like a task and take longer to do. At the other extreme, suicidal thoughts can creep in and become life threatening.

So what does depression do?

Well often the feelings impact how you act in daily life. For example, you may become socially withdrawn, have difficulty sleeping, you might smoke more, drink more, your appetite may become affected leading to overeating or underrating, and difficulty thinking to name a few.

These actions are usually created due to the thoughts you are experiencing. For example: feeling down, agitated, restless, worthless, useless, isolated, not experiencing reality, hopeless, suicidal and not enjoying activities that you used to.


What causes it?

Like most mental health issues, a number of different aspects can cause depression. Life events and genetics seem most likely. Traumatic events, abuse, neglect, job situation, relationship changes, death, assault, anxiety, diet, physical health issues, to name but a few.



Talking therapies and medical interventions are often used to treat depression, although there are some things that you can try yourself.

If you focus on your sleep, diet and exercise you can help reduce the effect depression has on you. Depression can be powerful, so if you focus on these areas as well as getting dressed and cleaned then it can all help make a difference to your approach and outlook.

Have you thought about pleasure and mastery? Keep a diary of all the tasks and activities you do and mark next to them how it made you feel. Was it a task or did you find it enjoyable? By working out what activities you actually enjoy can become beneficial to coping with your depression.


Remember and talk. Talk to your friends, family, doctor or talk to someone on a support site, or hotline. There are lots of people willing to listen to you, even if you are anonymous.